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Hennessy Hammock Heat Reflecting Double Bubble Pad
  • Hennessy Heat Reflecting Double Bubble Pad

    SKU: EAN: 0832667672111

      This bubble pad is silvered on both sides and reflects 97% of your body's radiant heat back to you. Under most conditions this pad will keep you warm down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit ( 5 Celsius) if you are using a good quality 40-degree sleeping bag. Any other insulating materials like a fleece, spare clothing, hat, etc. can be placed under the pad for increased insulation. This pad is tapered, wider at the shoulders and narrower at the feet. It has a polyester black binding around the perimeter and a grommet with attached elastic and glove hook for use between the layers of the double bottomed Deep Jungle models. This pad can also be used inside any other hammock model. The construction of the Double Bubble Pad is more efficient than the similar automobile windshield reflector pads that so many hikers are using. Pad fits neatly inside your pack by making a cylinder around the inside circumference of your pack and rolling any excess over level with the top of your pack.

    • SPECS

      • Seasons: 3-season
      • Color: Silver w/ black trim
      • Size: 67" long 29"shoulders 15" at the foot / 170cm x 73cm x 38cm
      • Packed Weight: 10 oz / 280 gr
      • Packed Size: 4.5" x 23" / 11 cm x 58cm


      • Scout Zip or Classic
      • Backpacker Zip or Classic
      • Expedition Zip or Classic
      • Backpacker Zip or Classic
      • Hyperlite Zip or Classic
      • Deep Jungle Zip
      • Jungle Expedition Zip
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