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Hennessy Hammock HH2O AutoMagic Water Collector & Rainfly Tensioner System
  • HH2O Water Collector & Rainfly Tensioner

    SKU: EAN: 0832667999973

      The HH2O: the next evolution of the idea to tension the fly with rocks or other weights is to clip a funnel onto the two side "O" rings of the rainfly. The narrow end of each funnel is threaded to screw onto a hydration water bag or any size of pop bottle. As the rain water drips off the low corners of the rainfly into the bottle, the weight of the water in the bottle lowers the fly automatically for storm conditions, maintaining tension on the fly and giving you several liters of water ready to go in the morning.  Just another way to make your Hennessy Hammock more useful. Patent pending.  We suggest that you filter the water if you will be using it for drinking or cooking.

    • SPECS

      • Packed Weight: 0.85oz / 24gr a pair
      • Packed Size: 4" x 3" x 3" a pair
      • Size: 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" Per Piece

      Helpful tip! It's fairly easy to snap the funnels on to each side of the hammock fly, but it's not easy to unsnap them because it's difficult to get your fingers down into the funnel to release the hook. We suggest that you modify the hook by trimming off enough of the straight side so that the funnel can be easily attached and detached. We suggest a pair of heavy scissors, tin snips or file. Placing the hook between a knife and a cutting board is also possible with care.

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