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Woodland Camo schadow black.png


Featuring Bigger Rainflies, Longer Webbing Straps

You asked for it, and Hennessy Hammock listened.

They’re bringing Woodland Camouflage to five of their Hammocks, plus the Hex Rainfly.

All of the Hammock models are bundled with the larger matching Hex Rainfly and also include the longer 72” webbing straps. These are the most popular upgrades that customers make to our hammocks, so they’ve made it easy for you.

The Woodland Camo pattern is stealthy in forested environments, and Hennessy Hammock's Leave No Trace hammock design will reduce your impact wherever you camp.

For more infoabout the new WOODLAND Camo models,send us a message!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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