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Dear fellow Adventurers! First of all, welcome to my new website!

Hi, I am Jurjen Rolf, 48 years old, Royal Netherlands Air Force veteran and proud father of 2 lovely kids. A daughter of 14 and a son of 15, who like to spend the night outside, just like myself. Sometimes we go with our tent, but of course preferably with our Hennessy hammocks! We often "hang out" for a weekend in the forest. During our adventures we always get very nice and motivating reactions from other people we meet. People always come and have a look and tell them that when they were little they would have liked to do this with their father.

My wish is therefore to inspire more parents to enjoy and experience the beautiful nature and healthy outdoor air together with their child (ren). Whether you go for an afternoon walk with your child (ren), have a picnic or test your bushcraft skills in the forest for a few days, that does not matter at all. If you can inspire and interest your child (ren) in nature by your example, then the mission is successful!


Hennessy Hammock

If you spend the night in a Hennessy Hammock, you will experience sleeping outside much more intensely than in a tent. You really have the wonderful feeling of freedom. In addition, you sleep much better in a hammock than on the ground. Sleeping well on your back, side or stomach is no problem at all, provided you have an asymmetrical hammock where you can lie diagonally and therefore completely flat. You can of course order these via our links to the 5 worldwide websites of Hennessy Hammock (USA, CAN, EU, UK and AUS/NZ)

365 days a year

I go out all year round and preferably with my Hennessy hammock. In every season, every environment and with every weather type. I prefer to do that with my children and / or friends, but I also like to go alone.

I also teach them practical bushcraft and survival skills. Because once you have that basic knowledge, you can always apply it. (and that knowledge and experience weighs nothing after all!)


For whom?

On our website you can find almost all different types of hammocks from Hennessy Hammock, but in their natural habitat. On hills and mountains, in forests and forests, along streams, rivers, waterfalls and lakes ... Our goal is to inspire you! In short, we show you the places you dream of hanging out with your Hennessy Hammock!


What started as a hobby has become my passion and I am very happy that I can share this with my children. Everything on our website has been personally tested by us for quality, durability.

Blogs and Vlogs

We will also regularly make blogs and vlogs which you can watch on our YouTube channel Dutchbushcraftdad. Here you can find our adventures and practical explanation about the use of the different hammocks of Hennessy Hammock hammocks and tips & tricks.

Experience together

What could be better than enjoying the surroundings outside and having wonderful adventures? Go on an adventure together, fully enjoy your day and make beautiful memories! Every day again!

Hope to see and speak to you, ask questions and tell stories about your adventures is always allowed!

See you soon!

Jurjen Rolf


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